STRETCH is back!

The stunning four piece blues-rock legends who scored an international top 5 hit in the mid-70s with ‘Why Did You Do It?’ and became famous for their inventive interpretations of songs such as ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Hoochie-Coo’, ‘Fixin’ to Die’ and ‘Let’s Spend the Night Together’ have been in the studio and are about to hit the stage again!

Founding members and main writers Elmer Gantry and Kirby, after a more than three decade break, have decided to approach Stretch with new determination. Nostalgia is not the motivation, rather a desire to pick-up where the band had ceased in 1977 and to re-establish and develop their distinctive brand of music.

In order to test the water for themselves (30 years after their last gig as Stretch) the band returned to the stage with great success playing sold-out shows supporting The Jeff Healey Band in Glasgow and London. These appearances coincided with the release of Why Did You Do It? (The Best of Stretch)on Repertoire Records and much of the live material was drawn from this amazing compilation CD.

There was considerable fresh interest in the band with an article in Classic Rock magazine prior to the shows and glowing live reviews. The Best of Stretch was also featured as Classic Rock’s “Blues Album of the Month”.

The outcome of these live dates was a decision to embark on a long term commitment to re-establish Stretch as a powerhouse of taste, tone and talent. For the past eighteen months Stretch have been working on a new album, Unfinished Business, of  their favourite gig numbers from their decades in blues rock. Over recent months the band has been preparing a fresh set containing songs and tracks from this and their three 70s albums Elastique, You Can’t Beat Your Brain for Entertainment and Lifeblood. Stretch’s live repertoire includes much of their self-composed material, including the classic hit ‘Why Did You Do It?’ plus their own unique versions of classics by great artists such as Muddy Waters, Peter Green and Johnny Winter.

The current Stretch line-up includes original co-founders Elmer Gantry (lead vocals and guitar) and Kirby (guitar and vocals). Gantry’s track record includes Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera, ‘HAIR’, Armada and The Alan Parsons Project while Kirby has played and recorded with Curved Air, Armada, Joan Armatrading and David Essex. Stretch also includes Jim Scadding (bass), Brett Lamb-Shine (guitar) and Justin Hildreth (drums) who have performed and recorded with Nina Hagen, Thomas Dolby, Lene Lovich, Blue Bishops and 88 Straight.

Stretch is committed to working as a long-term project and is realistic about the changes that have occurred in the music world. They are a powerful professional unit based on a confidence that creates an incredible live experience and they are also pragmatic in their approach to live work.

Stretch will be appearing in concert in the UK throughout 2012, starting with a London gig on 28th January 2012 at The Borderline